We will process the segment map created in the last section. The key measures to process are space syntax angular segment choice and space syntax angular segment integration.

  1. Open segment map in depthmapX : File -> Open -> “segment.graph
  2. Segment analysis :  Tools –> Segment –> Run Angular Segment Analysis A
  3. Segment analysis options : Select Tulip Analysis –> Select Include choice
  4. Radius type options : Select metric for Radius Type –> Type the radius you want to process separated by commas. ie 400,800,1200,2000,5000,10000,n –> Press OK.
  5. Create new columns for normalised choice :  Attributes –> Add Column <new attribute> –> Rename Column (eg.NAChRN for normalised choice RN)
  6. Calculate normalised choice :  Select the new column (eg. NAChRN) –> Attributes –> Edit Column –> Insert formula for normalised choice  (eg. to calculate normalised choice for any radius use this formula – log(“put a choice measures here”+1)/log(“put its corresponding total depth measure here”+3))
  7. You now have a processed segment map B, with syntactic values such as normalised choice and integration.
  8. Save “segment.graph

Press link for an animation of the steps.