In this section, we will create a segment map to process spatial layout attraction measures, transport attraction and landuse attraction measures. Ones could use the Barnsbury map downloaded earlier or an axial/segment map in GIS.

  1. Open depthmapX : double click on depthmapX.exe icon to open the software
  2. Open new file window : File –> New –> Blank pane appears
  3. Import Dxf/Mif : Map –> Import –> Open your dxf/mif file A
  4. Convert to axial map : Map – Convert Drawing Map –> New Map Type –> Drop-down menu –> Axial Map –> Press OK B
  5. Create unlinks : press unlink icon
    -> select first line to unlink -> select second line to unlink ->  a circle would appear where the two lines do not intersect. (eg. a motorway bypass)
  6. Convert to segment map : Map –> Convert Active Map –> New Map Type –> Segment Map –> Tick Remove axial stubs less than 40% of line length –> Press OK C
  7. Save as “segment.graph
  8. You produced your first segment map !!

Press link for an animation of the steps.