We will process land use and transport attraction measures in depthmap using the metric step depth function. Metric step depth analysis measures from each origin the number of metric steps or more simply walking distances to reach all segments in the network. Origins could either be specific land uses attractors such as shopping centres and/or major transport attractors such as railway stations.

  1. Open segment map in depthmapX : File -> Open -> “segment.graph
  2. Select all Public transport segments : select PT exits on the map pane
  3. Calculate metric catchment : Tools -> Segment -> Step Depth -> Metric Step Depth A
  4. You produced your first metric step depth (walking distance) analysis from public transport stations.
  5. Rename the column to “PT_metric_step_depth
  6. Repeat step 2 for other transport/land use attractors
  7. Save “segment.graph

Press link for an animation of the steps.