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We will enter data collected for the urban form variables such as frontage or land use. This could be also done in depthmap or other GIS platform.

  1. Open “segment.graph
  2. Export “segment.graph” as * “segment.mif
    *segment.mif is a GIS file that could open in both Mapinfo and QGIS.
  3. Table – > Import -> with all the data 
  4. Table  ->  Maintenance -> Table Structure
  5. Add Field A
  6. For each urban form dataset, create a corresponding column. For example;“Frontages”
  7. Type should be assigned based on variable type. For example if it’s a dummy variable where 0 = blank frontages and 1 = active frontages, it should be integer.
  8. Assign for each cell of each column the respective frontage within the study area. B
    “0 = blank frontages”
    “1 = active frontages”
  9. File -> save  -> “”

Press link for an animation of the steps.

A  Add field

A  Add field

B  Enter urban form data

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